Happy Holidays From the Farm to You ...

Welcome, and Merry Christmas from all of us here at the farm, Woolly, furry and even feathered.
Thought I would show you a few snaps of the farm and farmhouse all merry and bright at Christmas ... Enjoy!
 come sit a spell ...
But, don't feed the deer ....
You can and should feed these little feathered creatures ...
 The Cardinals are always so merry and bright ...
Love watching the little birds ...
This year I stepped back in time with all of my vintage ornaments ... I used vintage glass balls, some with plaid, some solid green and of course who doesn't remember the non breakable satin wrapped balls ... I also used vintage 
glass bead garland and spun cotton red birds and vintage crochet snowflakes ... for a true vintage look. Just the angle that sit on top of the tree is 35+ years old! I have always used landscape burlap around the base of the tree.  Boy, this tree takes me back about 30+ years.
 you can see just how pretty they are.
She is made of paper mache'
This is where I watch the sun rise on those crisp winter mornings ... Also where I watch the birds.
My small tree in the Dining room sits in and old crock and is wrapped with warm and natural ...
 This tree is also vintage, with glass balls, white spun cotton doves, and silver and red aluminum holly and berry garland, and I added some rose hips form the farm to top it off.
My basket of gourds with a bit of greens tucked in.
And the Christmas goose ...
An old vintage Christmas /winter quilt on my Jenny Lind bed ... will add extra warm this winter.
So plain and simple ...
 A winter pinkeep lays in a bed of pine needles and pine cones ...
A large wooden box holds a bounty of pine cones ...
 Old red farm truck holds some vintage bottle brush trees ...
and, one more bedroom adorns a cozy red quilt ...
 You will find at least one sheep in every room of this farmhouse ...
So from all of us ...
creatures, both small and large ...
  be it, white, silver, gray, black, brown or a mix of all colors, we want to wish you the Merriest of this Christmas season. 
And I will leave you with one simple thought, the true meaning and reason we celebrate Christmas.
And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
Thanks for stopping by the farm. 


Blackened Beeswax Ornaments Without The Crayons ...

While digging through my Christmas boxes, looking for all the old vintage ornaments I have collected over the years, I ran across a block of beeswax that I had stored away. So, I dug out some of my old vintage molds and melted away. I did not use any crayons in making these. What do ya think?
Just beeswax melted and poured into an old vintage molds ...
the only way to truly blacken beeswax is wood coals ...
 cinnamon ...
 Just like back in the day ... a plain and simple ornament.
placed on my little kitchen tree, with the vintage spun cotton red birds and fresh rose hips form the farm.
so simple it makes me smile ... What makes you smile?
Hope you all are enjoying this most merry and bright season, thanks for stopping by the farm.



Window Warmers ... Made Simple ...

With all the cold winds we have been having here in KY. I decided to do something about a problem we have in our kitchen. This farmhouse was placed in a beautiful spot, no doubt about it. But, the kitchen faces a North West direction, which is the direction most of the cold wind comes. Even though we have newer windows, it is just so windy and the wind just doesn't blow here in KY., it blows so hard, if it is not nailed down, it will be gone. Last year I noticed that I could feel cold in my two front windows, of course last year was such a cold year that you froze no matter what.
So this year I got a jump on a way to warm my windows and keeping the cold away.
I wanted something that would fit my windows and look pretty from the outside, I mean these will be here for a long time ... So, I got out some winter looking fabric and came up with an EASY window warmer.
Here is what I used ...
Less than 1/2 yard of cotton fabric
scrap ribbon
Filling ... cat litter, dried beans, corn  ...
( I used dried balsam needles from last years tree)
BASIC sewing skills
Here is one of my windows, I measured the width of the window.
Then I figured out about how high I wanted it to come up onto the window. Mine is about 1.5 inches high.
I cut my pieces 4 .25 inches wide. When cutting the width of your window add about 3 - 4 inches to your measurement.
So if the window itself was 36 inches wide, you would want to cut the width at about 40 inches.
Fold the short ends over and press.
Now sew a hem, do that for all short ends.
This step is optional, I wanted a way to store my window warmers after winter, so I sewed in a piece of ribbon that will act as a hanger. If you want to do this, just fold fabric in half, pin ribbon on both side of end, right next to the hem.
 This is what I wanted it for, see I can store this in a closet and it will take up less space. Plus, when I go to store this in a closet with winter coats, because it is dried Balsam it will smell so nice.
So if you are skipping the last step, fold fabric in half and sew from one end to the other, back tack both ends. When done, you will have a long tube shape with 2 open ends.
Take your ribbon and tie a knot, then another knot and then a double knot. Now tie a bow. You can see I left about 2 inches of fabric hanging past the knot and bow.
Now, the window warmer is ready to be filled.Use a funnel, empty toilet paper roll, card stock rolled into a funnel shape, what ever will work to get you filling inside.
 Insert your funnel into the end that is not tired and fill.
once mine was about 2/3 full I wanted it really firm, so I took the tube, hold the open end in my hand and swung it around my head in a circle for a few minutes. This will compact your filler and make it firm. Once you have it full and firm, tie with ribbon as the other end.
And now onto a little Christmas decorating and sewing ... I had enough dried balsam left to do some sachets for gifts and my Etsy shop.
We went and bought the tree yesterday ... this year my tree will step back in time ...
Have y'all decorated yet? Anyway, have a great week and thanks for stopping by the farm.



Giving Thanks ...

As I sit here on this very windy, yet warm November morning ... It is very dark, way to early for the sun to come up. And as I listen, I hear the wind and the music of the wind chimes blend and dance together. The house is so very still and quiet, the only thing I can hear is the ringing in my ears. Of course, my loyal companion Ernie, lays at my feet waiting for a foot rub ... by that I mean, my feet rubbing on his soft golden fur ...
I did not start out this morning thinking I was going to write, to do a post, to do anything, other than take some Advil for the pain and sit with my morning cup of coffee.
My mind is full of thoughts, and memories, and as most memories and thoughts do, some make you happy and some make you sad, and some make you very mad.As my mind started to jump back to Friday and work, and I kept telling myself that I should not hate people who do what they do, but instead feel sorry for them  ... Sometimes tho, that is hard, so very hard to do.
I try very hard not to start any of my days off with a negative attitude, or thoughts. 
So as I am  trying to sweep the negative thoughts of this past weeks happenings form my head I pick up the newspaper. I guess you can call it a newspaper, it is basically on piece of newspaper folded to make up 4 pages, front, back and two pages when you open it up.But what caught my eye, was a photo, the photo of a woman, who looked happy, because she was smiling, but if you looked past the smile and up to her eyes, you could see pain in her face.
As I sat there, thinking I know what pain was about, I started to read her story, not a long story, very short in fact.
The article started off with the writer saying that fall was her favorite time of year and why, such as it's not to hot and not to cold. She goes on to say that Thanksgiving is her favorite time of year. That is when her family all gets together and it does not require her to buy anything other than a few ingredients for her favorite dish. And then she went on to say that she has added one more favorite to her list. 
November, it is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. She then continued with her story, telling that lung cancer has touched her family twice, her father passed away from lung cancer at age 40. And she was 47 when she was diagnosed with it. She continued on, with the story to say, how her and her Father's struggles paralleled, but thankfully were different, and as I continued to read her story, there was one thing that stood out, well jumped out at me. She said, she only had one thing on her bucket list, and that was to " to live".
 And so, as I thought about that for just a minute, I thought well, shouldn't we all have just that one thing on our list of things to do ... our bucket lists, our one thing I want to before ... list.
Simply put, live, just live, breath in, breath out.
Pain or no pain, hurt or not hurt, lost or found, we are at the very least, above ground.
So today, and for this week of Thanksgiving, and everyday, I will give thanks, but not for what I have in life, not what I have accomplished in life, and not even for who I have in my life, but for life itself.
Because, without that gift, I would have none of the above mentioned.
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! And, thanks for stopping by the farm. 



A Pictorial View of The Workplace ...

 It's a quick read ... more of a pictorial. So give me a nod, if you know what I'm talking about ...
 The Urban dictionary gives this definition of Backstabber
People who you think are friends but then they attempt in causing your downfall. 


thanks for stopping by the farm.