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Good morning all,
I am, and always have been a lover of all animals, I guess I just have a very big soft spot for them. I can't ever imagine my life with out some sort of animal in it. I will go so far as to say, that you can tell a lot by a person on how they treat animals ... I have had people come to my home, and I have had my Rat Terriers put their little paws up to them, only to have the person swat them down. Which I dislike very much. And tells me a lot about that person ... which I will say right now, makes me NOT want to like that person. But this post is not about dogs or cats, Lord knows, I have a ton of them. 
It is about a ram named Buddy, he is one of my Cheviot rams. I have had him for about three years now. I have two Cheviot rams, he is a smaller lower to the ground Cheviot who hails from the Judy Moore Cheviot bloodline. That is him on my header photo.
Well about three weeks ago now I came home from work on a Friday, and started to feed the rams, I have them separated from the ewes still. And when I was feeding them I thought I had seen Buddy's footing has a slip in it ... but passed it off as the ground was muddy from all the rain we were having.
Next day, I noticed he and the other rams, out in the pasture ... nothing out of the ordinary, but at feeding time I noticed he had blood on his head ... again, nothing out of the ordinary. The rams have been really tough on each other this year. Which is very strange. On Sunday, I asked hubby to look at him and see what he thought, he said he seem a little off but did not seem concerned. By Tuesday when I drove up the drive way to get the mail and back to the house. I noticed his eyes were really moving in his head ... I mean like uncontrollable! Now, Buddy is not what you would call a friendly sort of a ram ... A few hours later I go out to feed them and I see Buddy is laying up in the pasture on his side with his legs, stretched out ... like he is as stiff as a board.
Okay, he's dead I say to myself no need to go check, I by now know a dead sheep even when I see them from a distance. So I call hubby and say, well, you have to come home and help me dig a hole ... buddy is dead. So my hubby being the good person he is came home, he even stopped and bought a brand new hoe ... We gather everything we need together get up to where Buddy is ... and hubby says" hey Buddy, what are you doing laying down? Get up"
I say, your mean that's not nice come on, lets just get the hole done ...
He being the smart "A" ... says,"I'm no Vet but I don't think he's dead if he is still breathing"
I turn around and yep, sure enough there he is ... still breathing. We get him up and put him in the stall ... and think well, he may not make it so we dig the hole and I hope for the best.
Here Buddy is in his new home ...
You can see his eyes are fine ...
His leg is a little weak still ... see how he holds it.
And yes, a reminder ...  that is life is fragile ...
 Here is what we think happened, the rams were bumping heads so hard, that Buddy just got hit so hard that it made his brain swell. He has been through it though. Over a 3 week period he has come back to almost 100%! He still has one leg that is a bit weak, but getting stronger every day ... He is alert and eating fine. Swelling is gone and he is just about back to his mean ole self. He tries to rush the gate every time I go to feed him But he will stay put for at least 3 more weeks. Just another day of farm life. Thanks for stopping by the farm.


  1. Oh, what a story - poor Buddy! I am glad he did not die and is on the mend. Life is unpredictable.

  2. Isn't that just like a sheep for you - one time yeeears ago when I was in 4H, one of my lambs came up limping a couple days before show - I withdrew. Day of the show he was all over just fine. Little buggers - gotta love em;)

  3. We have had a similar experience with a ewe. My husband had went out to put her out of her misery..she had been down for three weeks and showing no signs of improvement.
    He came in a few minutes later smiling..She was up and running round the barn.. I couldn't believe it!
    They never fail to amaze me.
    I am glad Buddy is on the mend!

  4. hope he mends completely, animals such strange creatures!
    thankful he still has a chance!
    thanks for sharing this, it's very interesting.

  5. Wow! What a story.
    I don't know much of anything about sheep, but this is amazing.
    Glad to hear Buddy is okay and on the mend.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I really am surprised how much these rams and bucks can take. They hit so hard I hurt. They must have the hardest heads of any animals. I'm so glad Buddy's going to make it. Poor guy. Your husband must be a hoot to live with!

  7. He's adorable. Glad he's getting better. It breaks my heart to lose a pet, and I'd call him a pet even if he isn't.

  8. Poor Buddy and you too!I am so happy to hear that he is doing well.I lost my most favorite goat on Sunday and I am brokenhearted.She was a bottle baby and such a special lady.Love seeing the pics of your sheep.Yes you can most certainly determine someone's character by how they treat animals.Hugs,Jen

  9. goodness gracious! what an experience! I guess when they 'play' so roughly, they are prone to such accidents. lucky for him, you are smart and know the ways of rams. he is lucky to have such sharp owners....

  10. So glad Buddy pulled through...incidents like this I don't miss, but you posts make me yearn for the farm!

  11. Oh Teri, So glad Buddy is getting back to his Mean Ole self. ;) I hope he continues to recover and his leg gets back to normal. I totally get you about your love of the animals and your dislike of those that don't. I confess I once told a man to get off my property after he spoke abusively about what he did to cats in his neighborhood. He had no idea our love of cats but it didn't matter to me at all. I have no tolerance for anyone being unkind to an animal ever.

    Healing prayer to Buddy!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  12. Teri, it hurts so much when you tell us you lost one of your sheep. I can't imagine what it is like for you, when you are with them all the time. I am thankful Buddy is on the mend. Your relationship with these sheep is unbelievable, I love it. The rewards you reap from them are amazing. I love your life, well all except one part of it....Hugs to you

  13. Yay for Buddy. Thats is just scary. My sheep are doing good. I don't know if you read my blog or not but if you check it out and go back to the beginning you will see we had a stray sheep come to our house last year, of course we took her in and she had twins a month or so later. I take in stray dogs and cats but really, stray sheep. It could only happen to me. Anyway I love them and the girls are doing fine.

  14. Glad to hear Buddy is on the mend.

    Enjoy your weekend~Becky

  15. Teri, I just love this story,way to go Buddy, glad you are alright and was just resting up.
    You sure know how to bring a smile to a farmgirl's face, keep the stories coming as I would be lost without them.


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