Quick Craft ... Candy Cane Tutorial ... And Peppermint Soap ...

Hi All,
It is hard to believe that we are closing in on Thanksgiving ... seems like it was just August ...  And the older I get the quicker it goes ... It sure would have been nice as a kid, having time go as fast as it does now ...
Anyway, soon we will all be to busy in the hustle and bustle of things for any crafting, but every year I try to do something different for my trees and in the way of adding a little something onto the gifts I give ... Presentation to me is half of the gift ...
So while I was making my peppermint soap,it came to me ... I need something to add to the soap .... Well, of course one thing led to another ... as it always does for me ... and I came up with these EASY little candy canes ...
I love plain packages, just kind of takes me back to simpler times ...
Chenille stems or if your old like me pipe cleaners
wire cutters
spray adhesive
glitter or Epsom salt
tea or coffee stain (I used my black walnut stain)
As you can see from the above photo I have a variety of chenille stems, I have Halloween colors, red, white and red and white already twisted together. If you don't have the red and white twist stems, just get a red and a white and twist them your self. Once you have them twisted cut in half and shape into a candy cane, or leave them as one larger candy cane.
All twisted, and remember my black walnut stain I used to dye my wool ... yep, that is what I am using. You can do the same thing with a coffee or tea stain.
I took the candy canes and dipped them into the stain ... I put them in and pulled them right back out. I did not want them very dark ... just wanted to get the white not so bright.
Let them dry, I'm pretty lucky that I have a wood stove to dry them. So I can do this in no time at all ...
All dry and ready to go ... Take your spray adhesive and spray one side of the candy cane ... now sprinkle with glitter or Epsom salts ... let dry, turn over and repeat, and your done.
Here they are all drying ... pretty, and so shinny, looks like snow ...
As bowl fillers, with a little greenery ... so simple, but so pretty ... And of course you can't beat the colors of red and green combined together. Just says Christmas.
 And here is the real reason I wanted to make these, to put on my peppermint twist soap ... I sure do hope that everyone who gets these will like them.
Hope you all have fun making these ... Enjoy! And dont't forget to sign up for my current giveaway. Here is the link Homemade Giveaway
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  1. Good Morning Teri, I have been waiting on that Peppermint soap. I am really excited over this tutorial, I will be making those little candy canes soon. Thanks again for all you do for all of us and so willing to share. Have a good one today, Hugs, Gloria

  2. Morning Teri.....I can`t believe November is here already either......time does how the candy canes look, so vintage.....thanks for sharing, Francine.

  3. These are just lovely.I always buy my mpm candy cane/peppermint soap for christmas and this will be a beautiful way to present it.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. those are very pretty, they look like something from back in my childhood, very appealing!

  5. Hello Teri. it's hard to Believe that it is November already. Where does the time go?
    Love your candy canes. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I Love the way you display them with the peppermint soap. Have a wonderful day!

  6. HI Teri - Lovin your little candy canes. What a great tutorial and easy too! Thanks for sharing.

  7. So pretty - - Love it! Thanks for sharing. The peppermint soap sounds enticing too.

    Have a wonderful week Teri!

    Louisville, KY

  8. Afternoon Teri,love your candy canes!Thanks for sharing another great tutorial.Hugs,Jen

  9. I always love reading your blog and I am so glad to be back at have inspired me once again ! Thank you for being so willing to share your great ideas with all of us !

  10. so simple and yet so pretty. I love these.

  11. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing...I think this looks like a fun project to do with my daughter.

  12. These are sooo pretty! Oh, and I have GOT to learn to make soap. Yours is so pretty!

  13. Hello Teri ~
    I've made the candy canes before but haven't put any glitter on them.
    I love the look ~ TFS
    Your candy canes look beautiful on your homemade soap ~ such a lovely gift.
    Prim Blessings

  14. I can't wait to get started making the candy canes. Would look great on a gift add a little green instead of a bow. You have such wonderful ideas. Thanks,

    Kirksville, Mo

  15. Teri,

    These are really cute...and they look so nice on your soap pkgs.

  16. Thanks, Teri, for reminding me. I made them like this a few years ago but didn't use sparklies. I have some vintage mica that I think I will use.

    Your canes are perfect!


  17. Such a cute idea Teri, I think I will try that. Could I get two bars of your peppermint soap?
    Nancy Jo. MJ FARM GIRL.


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